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About Nutrition Response Testing:

Dr. Ulan’s own body was near death in the early 1990’s. Being in bed 23 hours a day, with failing adrenals, heart and chronic pneumonia, he was not able to work or care for his family. With debt approaching six figures, and a body near death he realized that he would either find methodology with which to survive or he would certainly succumb. He decided to handle his condition.

He relocated to Glens Falls, NY, where he did extensive research into the field of nutrition; studying the research and work of the “founding fathers” of nutrition: Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Dr. Melvin E. Page and Dr. Weston A. Price.

Using this research, along with his previous training in Chiropractic, CRA and Nutrition, Dr. Ulan was able to nurse his body back to health so that he could return to practicing. While in practice and with using nutrition to handle his own body, he continued his research.

While doing this, Dr. Ulan built a successful 7 figure per year cash based practice (with no insurance hassle) in this small upstate NY town – the most rewarding aspect was that it was easy, stress-free they were TRULY healing people. Dr. Ulan had patients come from around the US, and from other countries to be helped with Nutrition Response Testing.